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Premier Furniture Financial

Your choice for office furniture and office equipment leasing, including IT, AV, telecom equipment, and may often include design and install services. Our customers select PFF for better cash management, flexible financing options, and customized lease programs.

Who is Premier Furniture Financial for?

  • Early stage growth-oriented companies
  • Businesses who may prefer to save their capital for growth initiatives
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Backed Companies
  • Companies under structured credit who may want to retain equity or need to comply with bank covenants
  • Companies undergoing an office upgrade or moving into a new office environment

Why Lease Your Office Furniture?

Better CASH MANAGEMENT – Adjust to changing conditions in your business.


your cash flow and keep your working capital intact with lower monthly payments


your debt and equity for growth-oriented initiatives


the furniture and equipment you need right when you need it – without being hampered by budget restrictions


an efficient, professional work environment now and protect yourself from price increases and changing technology on the equipment you need


a showplace that attracts and retains employees and projects a most positive image to clients

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